Waxing NYC: The Best Techniques and Natural Products

waxing nyc | Best in home waxing services in NYC

Hot wax is a melted resin that traps the hair, whether short, thin, long or plentiful. It is applied to the skin with the help of a wooden spatula. Once dry, it is remove with a sharp pull. Hot wax is the most effective hair removal temporary solution.

Unwanted hair sometimes can be a difficult issue for women. If you can tolerate a little discomfort, the benefits of waxing may be well worth the effort. When you decided to start waxing not only your skin is less susceptible to irritations associated with shaving, it also lasts longer because it pulls the hair from the roots producing smoother results. Not only do results last up to three weeks, imagine, you won’t be spending extra time shaving in the shower every morning! But also some suggest that regular waxing can cause your hair to grow back finer and sparser over time.

Green Spa on the Go can help you remove that unsightly hair with the highest quality and ecofriendly waxing products, designed to keep irritation to a minimum while keeping you skin smooth and beautiful.
With superior hygiene and sanitation, all done within the tranquility and privacy of your home, office or hotel room.


Eyebrow: $25

Brow tweeze: $35

Lip wax: $15

Chin: $15

Cheeks: $20

Full face: $35
(does not include eyebrows)


Full Brazilian: $90 and up

Partial Brazilian : $70 and up

Bikini line: $50

Arms & Legs

Full arm: $60

Half arm: $40

Full leg wax: $110

Lower legs: $50

Upper legs: $60

Feet: $10